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Short form

We’ll do no harm and will never sell or give away your personal information to anyone ever (unless required to by law). And we mean, ever. We’ll do everything we can to protect your personal information. That’s a promise.

We have opt-in policies and won’t bug you or annoy you with requests or email. We may occasionally ask your opinions via a questionnaire on login which you are free to opt-out of.

Please be nice and accept that by signing up that we need to collect some data from your use of the site to make the site work for you and us and to conduct research into how people learn. No personally identifiable information including your email address will ever be given to anyone outside Ever.

We may have adverts in the future so we can generate revenue to pay for the upkeep of the site (it costs LOTS to build and maintain for you. Don’t ask how much, you’ll faint).

The long form below supersedes that above.

Long form


This website is property of

EFL Technologies,
Dai-Ichi Mansions Minami-Aoyama, 5-1-10
Minami-Aoyama, Suite 604,
Tokyo 107-0062
E-mail: info @
To access, reproduce, and use the Website, you must previously accept the valid Terms of Use; EFL Technologies reserves the right to modify said terms as it deems appropriate, publishing the new Terms on the Website. Users are responsible for learning about the Terms of Use before accessing the products and services of the Website; in case of disagreement with any such Terms please refrain from using the Website.


The Website is a work that comprises of different integrated and inseparable elements (text, illustrations, photographs, sounds, music, animated images, videos, computer software including html code, etc.) whose Intellectual Property rights are held by EFL Technologies, except as regards those materials licensed from third-parties.

EFL Technologies and its licensors will at all times retain Intellectual Property over the Website and the different elements it comprises of, considered individually, in all the copies thereof made (regardless of the device onto which they are transferred), and, as regards said elements, will only grant the rights of use described in more detail below. Any right that is not expressly granted shall be deemed as reserved.

Besides the afore-mentioned, EFL Technologies is responsible for the selection, structural design and layout of the Website content. It is also EFL Technologies who has taken the initiative and assumed the risk of allocating the substantial investments aimed at obtaining, digitalizing and presenting the Website, and therefore is entitled to the protection of these data.

EFL Technologies is also the sole proprietor of the design and graphic look of the Website, and reserves the right to exercise any legal action it may be entitled to against any person that may imitate or make a misleading use thereof.

The EFL Technologies and Third-party brands included in the Website may not be reproduced or used separately, outside of the Website sections where they are included.


By registering yourself or others with the the user expressly accepts that your personal data will be included in an automated file whose ownership and responsibility belongs to EFLTechnologies. EFLTechnologies which will adopt the necessary measures to ensure its safety and confidentiality, and will use it to manage the Website and to submit, by any means including electronic ones, communications and commercial offers, both of its products and services and of those of the companies of the EFLTechnologies Group to which it belongs, mainly in the publishing, training and educational, entertainment and media fields. You will be entitled to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection by sending an e-mail to info@EFL or by sending a written request to Customer Services.

EFL Technologies,
Dai-Ichi Mansions Minami-Aoyama, 5-1-10
Minami-Aoyama, Suite 604,
Tokyo 107-0062
You are responsible for the truth, accuracy and updating of the information provided through the Website; to such effect, the use of false identities and supplanting the identities of third persons in any way (including the use of their data, passwords or keys) is forbidden.

If EFL Technologies provides you with any username, key or password to access any section of the Website, you are committed to keep them with diligence, exempting EFL Technologies of any responsibility deriving from their unfair use, until we receive communication that such elements have been lost or accessed by a third party.


You are allowed to:

• Access and display Website content on your computer. Any temporary reproduction thereof in the computer’s cache memory is allowed, provided that said reproduction is not voluntary and is an integral and essential part of the technological transmission process.

• Reproduce the materials expressly identified in the Website as being suitable for downloading in a permanent manner onto any type of electronic device (hard-drive, CD, DVD, external memory devices, etc.), except when said support is a network server or equivalent device, and to copy said contents.

• To enjoy the benefits offered by the services and advantages rendered by EFL Technologies through the Website, in the conditions expressly specified in each of the sections thereof.

The authorized operations are suitable for private use, and you shall only use the copies of the contents obtained legitimately from the Website for strictly personal purposes.

All operations against the law, common usage or good faith affecting the Website, its contents and any legitimate copies thereof made by you are forbidden and, especially:

• Any use thereof other than for personal and private purposes, especially those entailing commercial or professional purposes, which includes sending of publicity or messages and collection and treatment of third parties’ data.

• Any modification thereto and, in general, any transformation thereof, including their translation, adaptation, adjustment, or any other transformation, including any software error correction. No successive versions or derivative software may be developed based on said software.

• Any upload and/or use thereof in any computer network system, even if said network users cannot obtain simultaneous access thereto.

• Any type of extraction, public communication and/or transmission, total or partial, by any means outside the scope of use allowed for Website contents, and, specifically, their inclusion in any work, including webpages, collections or databases.

• The removal, concealment or falsification of Intellectual or Industrial Property related notices and warnings posted on the Website or of any of its contents.

• All operations and activities expressly forbidden in other sections of these Terms and, in general, any of those which are able to damage the normal functioning of the Website, EFL Technologies, other users or third parties.


Links and hyperlinks to the Website from other pages or Websites are allowed, provided that said links are not established in a way that compromises the public and brand image of EFL Technologies, the Website or any person, entity or product to which reference is made. The use of any technique that implies confusion with the identity or property of the contents, such as framing or others, is expressly prohibited when establishing links to the Website.

Establishing links from pages or websites whose contents promote or justify, directly or indirectly, any type of violence, discrimination, pornography, or illegal activity is forbidden. Likewise the establishment of links with commercial purposes is expressly prohibited.

When creating the links, the use of elements extracted from the Website is expressly forbidden, unless otherwise expressly authorized by EFL Technologies in advance.

The links to the Website from third party webpages or websites will never be understood to imply any kind of relationship between EFL Technologies and their owners, and does not entail any type of backing, sponsorship or recommendation thereof by EFL Technologies, and therefore EFL Technologies assumes no responsibility whatsoever in connection with their contents and lawfulness.


You agree to make proper use of the contents and services offered through the Website, and not to use them to

engage in illicit or unlawful activities, or any activity contrary to the principle of good faith and the public order;
disseminate contents or propaganda of racist, xenophobic or pornographic nature, or arguing in favour of terrorist activities, or against human rights;
disseminate content breaching the House Rules for posting messages
damage the physical and logical systems of EFL Technologies, its suppliers or third-parties, or to introduce or spread computer viruses through the internet or any other physical or logical system capable of causing the foregoing damages;
disseminate contents that may compromise EFL Technologies’ or any third party’s image.
ER-Central and EFLTechnologies reserve the right to remove anyone from the system who has not followed the above guidelines for proper use.

You declare and guarantee EFL Technologies to be the holder of all Intellectual Property rights affecting the messages and contents that you may post on the Website.

EFL Technologies will be free to decide if the collaborations and messages submitted are finally posted on the Website, and will be entitled to remove them as it deems appropriate. EFL Technologies will be entitled to publish on the Website partial, summarized or abbreviated versions of the contents that you may provide.

By merely submitting a work, collaboration or comment, you authorize EFL Technologies to, post it on the Website for all users to view.

The inclusion on the Website of elements provided by users does not entail any type of backing, sponsorship or recommendation thereof by EFL Technologies, and therefore EFL Technologies assumes no responsibility whatsoever in connection with their contents and lawfulness.

Users must not post messages which self-promote their work or the work of others, their website or other content in which they have a financial or personal stake, without express prior permission.


EFL Technologies reserves the right to introduce, without prior notification, any changes deemed appropriate on the Website, and will be entitled to change, delete, or add either contents and/or services provided through it, or the manner in which these are displayed or localized.

Although EFL Technologies will devote its greatest efforts to keep the information contained in the Website free of errors and updated, it does not offer any guarantee in connection with its accuracy and updated status. No specific results or purposes are guaranteed either, and therefore you acknowledge that you are exclusively responsible for the access and use of the Website.

Unless otherwise specified, you acknowledge that the transmissions from the Website are not carried out in a safe environment. EFL Technologies does not guarantee an uninterrupted or free of error access to the Website, and is exempt of any liability for any damages arising from the use, or lack of use thereto (including indirect damages, such as loss of profit, business opportunity or information, etc.).


The inclusion on the Website of elements provided by third parties (not being users) does not entail any type of backing, sponsorship or recommendation thereof by EFL Technologies, assumes no responsibility whatsoever in connection with their content and lawfulness.

By providing access through the Website (by means of links or banners) to web pages and websites, information, services, programs or data belonging to third parties, EFL Technologies does not become the publisher of said contents, nor assumes any type of direct or subsidiary responsibility for any claim that may arise in connection with the quality, reliability, accuracy, lawfulness, or correction thereof.


EFL Technologies will pursue any non-fulfilment of these Terms of Use, as well as any other improper use of the Website or its contents, the breach of any right to which either EFL Technologies itself or its licensors are entitled, especially in connection with Intellectual and Industrial Property, exercising all the civil and penal actions to which they may be entitled to by Law. Disputes with EFLTechnologies will be dealt with under Japanese law.


Our cookies policy outlines how our websites/apps may use and save cookies on your computer. We will collect some data from your use of the site using ‘cookies’. This is necessary so we can track your use of the site, retain your email address, update your account, keep track of your posts and so forth.