EFL Wordlist and Dictionary Database

EFLTechnologies offers clients access to a large EFL Dictionary of 85,000 items  including 10,000 word families and 1200 phrasal verbs (and growing) with their meaning senses, inflections and derivations each having the following data:

  • Type (the word as headword, lemma, flemma – see below)
  • English EFL definitions (within 50 characters to fit online environments) written and proofed by professional lexicographers using a 1500 word defining vocabulary. NB these definitions have been especially written for EFL learners not native speakers or children.
  • Example sentence unique to the meaning sense and inflection written within a defining vocabulary
  • Part of speech (various denominations can be used e.g. standard EFL or e.g. BNC classifications)
  • Family member ID and code – to show which family or sememe the word belongs to
  • Unique identifying ID by type

Optional additional data include

  • Level (based on your requirements)
  • Japanese translation by item professionally edited for correct meaning sense and inflection – no Google translations
  • Hangul (Korean) translation by item professionally edited for correct meaning sense and inflection – no Google translations
  • Thai (for most) by item professionally edited for correct meaning sense and inflection – no Google translations
  • Pronunciation in IPA
  • US or UK spelling
  • Synonyms (for many items as not all words have synonyms)
  • Antonyms (for many items as not all words have antonyms)
  • Usage information e.g. genre, topic area etc.
  • Dialect (for some items)
  • Phrases (EFLTechnologies has access to several million different English phrases and definitions, examples and translations for these can be arranged)
  • Sound files for many types (currently 7000 types but more can be made available)

Other languages are available upon request.  We are currently working on Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and Russian.

The database can be used

To make wordlists (words only)

  • for analysing texts at various levels e.g. for a series of graded readers, or textbook series in tools such as Range or Antword Profiler
  • in co-operation with EFLTechnologies Online Graded Text Editor in the client mode (where you have control over the list and who has access to it)

To make dictionary lists for learning (word plus definitions, translations, pos, example sentences etc.) or testing

  • for use in apps and online environments
  • for making wordlists to give your students, school, ministry
  • for making tests to assess learning e.g. coverage by Korean High school students of the 1k, 2k words

As an online dictionary to define words on your EFL site


This database can be offered (with accompanying definitions, translations, pos etc. for the relevant items) to all or part (e.g. levels 1-5 only) of the database depending on your needs.

  • As headwords only based on the type (without meaning senses)  e.g. bank
  • As lemmas with headword and inflections (without meaning senses)  e.g. bank, banking, banks, banked
  • As families with headword, inflections and derivatives (without meaning senses)  e.g. bank, banking, banks, banked, bankable, bankability etc.
  • As semantic headwords only  bank (financial); bank (river); bank (row) etc.
  • As semantic lemmas  bank, banks, banking, banked etc. (financial); bank, banks (river); bank, banks (row) etc.
  • As semantic families with derivations  bank, banks, banking, banked, bankable etc. (financial); bank, banks (river); bank, banks (row) etc.

Other database services

EFLTechnologies can also make wordlists for ministries, school districts publishers or teachers based on your specifications (using modern corpora and research technologies and statistics) of many types not restricted to:

  • General service words
  • Business words and phrases
  • TOEIC words and phrases
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Medicine and health
  • Wordlists for a specific target population e.g. Japanese elementary learners, Spanish high schoolers
  • English loanwords
  • Various learning lists – words for foods, environment, colors,


  • These lists can be accessed via an API (upon request), or as an excel file for use in your apps.
  • For more information or a sample, contact rob@efltechnologies.com
  • Clients will be required to sign a strict no-copy advisory